05-24-17 “Final Examination”

This is a hands-on activity were Ma’am Gallardo gave us instructions on what we’re going to do. She asked us to have a laptop, since I don’ have one. I waited them to be done before I started doing practical examination. I borrowed Lacson’s laptop so that, I have exam too.


05-17-17 “CTE DAYS”

We have our booth so that, we’re not able to meet Ma’am GAllardo.

05-03-17 “Powerpoint and Excel”

In microsoft excel, ma’am taught us how to use it. How to compute and what formula to be used. She ¬†also taught us how to paste/have different graphs and in powerpoint presentation, Ma’am Gallardo taught us how to use it well.

04-19-17 “Microsoft Word”

Ma’am Gallardo asked us to have our partners and taught us on how to use microsoft word. Each partner should have laptops for us to be able to work easier. Ma’am taught us what are the functions of this software.